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How Logit Works ?

PasswordLess logIn made easy with Logit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Will Logit store my passwords in the cloud?

A : No. Absolutely not. Logit works on the device (mobile) and you data (biometric or any secretes) never leave the device. Your passwords are encrypted on your device itself. It can work in aeroplane mode as well.


Q : Will Logit work on all devices?

A : Yes. It works for mobile. It works on your browser. You can access your accounts across devices.


Q: Do I need to create a password?

A : No. Logit does it for you. All you need to do is open the camera show your face and your password is created for a particular website. 


Q : How many factors of authentication are there?

A : Logit enables 2-factor authentication. It validates your face and device. 


Q : What if I lose my mobile? Will I lose my login details?

A : No! Your details are safe. We allow you to add a peer device, all your details are stored in the encrypted form. You can restore your details.


Q : Can I share login access with friends & family? 

A : Yes. You can absolutely share it. It is secured and easy. You can revoke it anytime and you can share it with multiple people.

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